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More than just an About page (which I also have), the Now page answers the question of “what are you doing right now?” I loved the idea when I first saw it proposed by Derek Sivers and almost instantly decided to create a Now page of my own.

So, here’s what has my attention, either personally or professionally, right now.

  • Reading (book): Daemon
    About 60% through it at this point and looking forward to finishing so I can move on to the next book on the list. It’s not particularly bad, it just doesn’t have me enthralled.
  • Reading (comics): 2 comics currently have my attention.
    The first is the Saga series. It’s amazing. I’m currently on the third volume (of five) and love this story. The second is Y The Last Man. Finished the first volume and am looking forward to tearing into the next.
  • Writing: Client work and trying to get the blog aspect of this site up and running again.
  • Listening: Ed Sheeran and Beth Hart have my attention right now.
  • Relaxing: Ha…what’s that?
  • Working: Actively looking for a medium to larger sized project to engage on, as well as a re-examining of internal business practices and strategies. Previously closed out two large projects which opened up some bandwidth.
  • Gaming: Rocket League, World of Warcraft: Legion, Insurgency, Battlefield 1
  • Living: Focused on trying to be the best husband I can be. Focused on success for S and I. Focused on spring and looking forward to enjoying the outdoors again.

I last updated this page to tell you what I’m doing right now in March of 2017.