More than just an About page (which I also have), the Now page answers the question of “what are you doing right now?” I loved the idea when I first saw it proposed by Derek Sivers and almost instantly decided to create a Now page of my own.

So, here’s what has my attention, either personally or professionally, right now.

  • Reading (book): The Speaker for the Dead.
    The second book in the Ender’s Game series. I got through the first book not too long ago and can’t wait to continue with this story. As I understand it, this one is much more of a “literary” read than a sci-fi romp but given what Ender has had to endure thus far, I’m ok with the exploration.
  • Reading (comic): 2 comics currently have my attention.
    The first is the Saga series. It’s amazing. I’m currently on the third volume (of five) and love this story. The second is Y The Last Man. Finished the first volume and am looking forward to tearing into the next.
  • Writing: Keeping the blog aspect of this site going is a top priority for me. Writing really fell off toward the end of last year and I won’t be letting that happen again.
  • Listening: Nothing jumps out at me right now. I’m trying to make up my mind between Apple Music and Spotify because the fact that I’m currently paying for both is making me a little crazy. My playlists on both services are all over the place and completely out of control.
  • Relaxing: I need a vacation. Currently trying to get some plans together to spend some time skiing with S but a couple of days at a resort looks to be the same price as a week on a tropical island.
  • Working: Currently focused on one large client project with a few smaller deliverables sprinkled in to keep things interesting. Debating whether or not to take on a second large project and divide time between the two.
  • Gaming: Rocket League, The Witcher 3, Star Wars: Battlefront, Hearthstone
  • Living: Focused on trying to be the best husband I can be. Focused on success for both S and I. Focused on health, watching what I eat, and losing another 25 pounds.


I last updated this page to tell you what I’m doing right now in April of 2016.