This Town Needs an Enema

Oh internet, you beautiful, beautiful beast. We have at our disposal the most powerful communication tool ever developed in the history of mankind. And we've used it to make ourselves dumber than we've been in recent history. If you couldn't tell, I'm feeling salty. Publishing has taken a little bit of a dive recently, mostly [...]

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A Beautiful Break from the Routine

The vast majority of the work I do involves people that I have never met. I have a few local clients, sure, but most of my clientele resides in other states, if not countries, from my own. It makes the act of forming and creating true, actual connections challenging. While we both work toward the [...]

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The Power of a Good Workout

I've been stressed lately. My life is, overall, in a very good place these days. But, I suppose like most people, it could be so much better. Not a day goes by that I don't think about the passage of time, my age (which is actually not that big of a number), how it relates [...]

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Here’s What That Post About Taking a Train Across the USA for $213 Doesn’t Tell You

I keep seeing it. Across the USA by Train for Just $213. Every so often, the picture and title will roll through my Facebook feed as a friend shares it or a friend likes that another friend has liked it. Then come the tags as people rush to inform their friends that they simply have to do this. [...]

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Memorial Day Camping – My First Experience with a Meetup

Something eventually had to give. I’ve maintained a certain level of personal distance from Philadelphia ever since S and I moved here. It was always supposed to be short-term. We came here specifically so she could go to nursing school and the plan was to leave shortly after her graduation. I was ok with refraining [...]

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