So, What’s Your Favorite Position?

The conversation started out simple enough - I was talking with a client about some next steps for her business for the coming year. But by the end of it, we might have completely re-focused her entire strategy for positioning her within her target market. It was one of those really big "holy shit" moments [...]

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When Did We All Become Curators?

I’ve been so bored with my Twitter feed lately. Twitter used to be a place to share thoughts and ideas; to quickly engage with people with small, digestible tidbits of information or input. Sure, it also provided a vehicle for the dreaded “look at what I’m having for lunch!” post, but thankfully Instagram came along [...]

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Why You’re Not Getting a Second Look on LinkedIn

Since launching full-steam into my freelance business, I’ve found myself paying an inordinate amount of attention not only to my own social presence but to the social presence of others. The primary target of that attention these days? LinkedIn. In most cases, the searches I run against LinkedIn show me companies which might benefit from the [...]

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