Thoughts on Value

This morning has me sitting at my kitchen table, mug of coffee safely close by, contemplating value. I've learned a lot about value these past couple of months and I think that some of these lessons are worth sharing. Not necessarily in the cautionary sense; but there are some words being thrown around by people today who [...]

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A Beautiful Break from the Routine

The vast majority of the work I do involves people that I have never met. I have a few local clients, sure, but most of my clientele resides in other states, if not countries, from my own. It makes the act of forming and creating true, actual connections challenging. While we both work toward the [...]

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One Freelancer’s Thanksgiving

As families gather around tables, waistlines expand, and kitchens are completely and totally thrashed in the name of a meal that will be devoured in mere minutes, I'm taking a few moments to get some work done. S works tonight so we had our own celebration a couple of days ago. Still, the lack of [...]

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The Folly of False Feedback

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.” - WINSTON CHURCHILL   The timing for the quote that opens up today's REDEF newsletter could not have been better. (by the way - if you're not subscribed [...]

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Freelancing Might Not Be for You…And That’s Ok

I read a post by Salon's Steven Hill the other day that got me thinking. The title? "The Uber-economy Fucks Us All: How 'Permalancers' and 'Sharer' Gigs Gut the Middle Class." As a permanent full-time freelancer and a member of the middle class, I desperately wanted to know how my job, and the jobs of [...]

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The Power of a Good Workout

I've been stressed lately. My life is, overall, in a very good place these days. But, I suppose like most people, it could be so much better. Not a day goes by that I don't think about the passage of time, my age (which is actually not that big of a number), how it relates [...]

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5 Lessons Learned from a Month of Freelancing

It was a about a month and a half ago that I walked out of my day job without another cubicle, desk, or any other office environment waiting for me. March 9th, 2015 is a day that I will commit to memory with the same zeal that I use for my wife’s birthday and our [...]

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How (Not) to Write a Job Listing on oDesk or Elance

Contrary to the view of many freelancers, I believe that sites like oDesk, Elance, and others can be very helpful in introducing a freelancer to a market that he or she may not have otherwise had access to. This particularly holds true for the new freelancer. A new freelancer who might be testing the waters [...]

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Why You’re Not Getting a Second Look on LinkedIn

Since launching full-steam into my freelance business, I’ve found myself paying an inordinate amount of attention not only to my own social presence but to the social presence of others. The primary target of that attention these days? LinkedIn. In most cases, the searches I run against LinkedIn show me companies which might benefit from the [...]

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