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Hey – that’s me!

Those are some freakishly large eyes in that picture, aren’t they? I mean, it’s like I’m trying to stare into your soul or something.

Anyway – hi! This will be our quick “getting to know you” session, only it’s going to be completely one-sided.

I started writing for other people because after a fairly lengthy search for what I wanted to be when I grew up, I figured out that this is the thing that I do better than anything else.

How’s that for honesty?

At this point, my words can be found across a variety of internet properties – sometimes with my byline and sometimes without. I’ve been published in local and regional blogs as well as on global leaders like the Huffington Post. I’ve written on a wider variety of topics than I can list here and have seen my words in leading industry publications published next to my clients’ names and pictures. My words drive sales of everything from backyard pools to the software that powers entire call centers.

I make you need things that you didn’t know you needed.

But, it wasn’t always like this.

I started writing because I had absolutely no passion for my first career. I actually worked in technology after finishing college, having fallen into it just as the market was really heating up and systems administrators were regarded as one step down from divinity.

I had a lot of fun but it was never going to be the thing that got me a lifetime achievement award. And, although I had a flair for the technical, my love was always in the creative. The pull was relentless.

And, that’s when I started writing.

Well, I should take that back. I had always been writing but it was all for myself. But then I started writing for the employers that I was supposed to be computering for (no, that’s not a word. yes, I know.). After the first ten or fifteen strings of requests, I started thinking of writing as less of a creative outlet and more of a way to keep the lights on and the water flowing.

Over time, my workload followed suit. Then, finally, one day everything came together and it was time to take this thing full time. That brings us to present day.

I live in Philadelphia, PA with my wife and 2 cats. I prefer summer over winter (which is a complete shift from my childhood thermometric preferences), paper over plastic, neat over ice cubes, and Moons over My-Hammy (best name of a food item….ever).

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