Happy new year!!!

Ok, so I’m about 24 days late on that and it’s been since November that I’ve actually published anything here. Blame it on the holidays, blame it on the weather, blame it on whatever you want but in the end it has to be blamed on me. Putting it simply, I violated one of the first rules of having a blog attached to my site:

I stopped blogging because I just didn’t feel like blogging.

That is such a piss poor excuse, isn’t it? Now, don’t get me wrong – these past six or seven weeks have been anything but fruitless. To the contrary, they’ve been an incredible end of 2015 and a very strong start for a successful 2016. But, that came at the expense of my commitment to the content on this site and that’s just not acceptable.

So, now that the mea culpa is complete, how ya been?? Things on this side have been interesting. The last time I hit publish on this blog I wasn’t able to say that I have an author page on the Huffington Post. I can now.

The last time I hit publish on this blog I wasn’t able to say that over a million people have read something I’ve written. I can now, also because of that link.

The end of December/beginning of January was all train post, all the time. That was an experience all its own and I’ve got a post saved in drafts to talk about it. Biggest lesson learned, however: the internet will get mad about pretty much anything.

Seriously, some of you really need to dial back that aggression level. If you can get as mad as some of you got at a blog post about riding on a train, well, I think that there may be something else wrong in your life.

The rest of that time was spent finishing up client projects. My clients go so hard, and I love it. When other organizations dial back their efforts at the end of the year and just drift through December, my clients wonder how much they can do at the end of the year in order to jump start the following year. I think that’s one of the reasons why we work so well together – drive and motivation are no good if they’re only present on one side of the equation.

That brings us to present day and thoughts of the year ahead (albeit that’s now reduced to 11 months since, as we established, I took a blogging hiatus). My outlook is positive. I’m two months from the anniversary of the birth of my business with a number of successes in my rear view mirror. The view through the windshield is equally as exciting. I’m established at this point with a solid grasp of the obligations my life now entails, as well as the freedoms that come along with it.

I’m happy, but I’m nowhere near content. I don’t know that I ever will be. But we’ll see if 2016 can get me just a little bit closer.

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  1. pcnyc January 25, 2016 at 12:31 am - Reply

    Really enjoyed your HuffPo Amtrak reality check; a funny and good reality check. Best of luck with the remaining year, Eric.

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