• You probably went into business because you had an amazing product, service, or idea that you really wanted to share with the world.

    The problem is that you have no idea how to talk about it.

That’s ok. I do.

You do what you do and I do what I do. Lucky for you, what I do is craft focused, impassioned, powerful copy for website owners.


The content of your website is its most critical part. The best design in the world can’t fix copy that reads poorly.

I work with clients around the world to help craft and shape their messages. Whether you’re trying to boost sales and engagement or simply think that what you have to say should be in front of the eyes of others, I’m here to help.

Content Development

Harness the power of blogging and inbound marketing to bring your ideal customers to you. Why broadcast to everyone and hope your message reaches the right person?

Instead, let’s target your customers by publishing useful information that establishes you as a premier authority in your field.

Site Evaluation and Strategy

Already have a website but it’s not getting the results you need? Or, could it benefit from a second pair of eyes and a little bit of polish?

My consultative approach will overhaul your message and give it laser-like focus…all while continuing to let your voice come through.

Why Should I Hire a Writer?

For the same reason I don’t work on my own car, fix my own plumbing, or do my own electrical work. I’m horrible at those things and they’re all far too important to leave to unskilled hands. It’s actually kind of sad how un-handy I am.

I’m getting off track. What I mean to say is that sometimes you just need to sit back and let an expert do what an expert does.

Your website is your business’ face to the general public. In most cases it is going to be the first thing a prospective customer, client, or subscriber sees when looking for more information about you. That first impression is made in a matter of seconds so every single word on your site counts.

Why would you trust that fleeting opportunity to anyone other than a person whose professional existence is based off of making you look amazing to your prospective customers?

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What My Clients Say

He has the ability to quickly adapt to different writing styles, and to effectively communicate concepts to the intended audience.

His role in this project was essential to the success of the campaign. While working with Eric, we were able to utilize his writing skills and our SEO skills to increase search engine rankings for our immediate business.

We genuinely look forward to working with Eric in the future.”

Brian M., Web Developer
“Eric is a gifted writer that is able to express concepts clearly and concisely yet in a personal and engaging way.”
Norman C., Mobile Telecomunication
“Eric was a pleasure to work with. His grasp on the internet marketing industry is dead on, he is able to write using various tones. I will definitely use him again for more of my important content.
Corey E., Internet Marketing

You’re right – I need a writer. What’s next?